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I hate Mondays, and I think I always have.  

I wish my friends could all be happy becuase they are all so great. Me too though! I want to be completely happy but I think that happens when people get older so every apsect in a person's life makes them happy. I do beleive I have been completely happy one moment in time, but it was short lived.

Translation- I want school to be over. I like the person I have become and the one I will turn into. Hmm..I have great friends. Panera sucks.

Anyways, now that my thoughtfulness is quickly running out, I am bored. I started to write my paper for suicide which is due friday and I am using a lot of what i used for my physio paper...hehehe I'm at that point. So I didn't feel like doing anymore at that particular time so I came and got some Doritos and Nestea and started to read livejournal. So here I am now. Still unsatisfiably hungry. Maybe I'll make some Mac n Cheese when I get back from school, spirals, definently.MMM ya.

So yesterday I did a great thing for Bay Path. Heck yes I did. So we had an Open House which has two mini classes that the guests go and listen to a professor talk about that major and other stuff. A couple of us SAR's sit in on usually the ones that pertain to us just because. SO, Professor Wallace, one of my professors, was assigned to the psych miniclass and doesnt show!!! So basically I sent the other girl (Michelle Chandler) off to see if anyone knew anything while I passed out the brochures. Then we started talking about them since we figured he wasn't coming. Then all of the Admissions couselers barge in and say "We aplogize, bla, bla, but we have to break you up into the other classes." Then one of the parents says "Oh we want them to keep talking" So we did and I was gonna anyways. It went great the first session and they even clapped for us. The second one was bigger and quieter. Oh well, I am definently getting a Super SAR award for that and it definently showed my abilities to become a SAR leader. HECK YES!

I just wanna say that I have some of the bestest friends ever because you all made me feel better and will probably continue to do so. Some of the girls at Panera helped too like Colby, Kim and Tina. I told Colby and she said she knows how it is and if I ever need anyone to talked to she'll be there. Kim and Tina just give the best hugs which helped too. You guys are there everyday and responded to my journal and made me feel better. So Thank you! I really do appreiate it even though I might not seem like I feel okay, I will be okay soon. I just don't know how to handle it all yet. It's weird. So Thanks again!
So this morning my grandmother passed away and it hit me hard even before it happened. My Dad called me early this morning around 6:00 so I knew something was wrong and I just started crying, but he said I'm coming over, she's okay right now. Then he came over and I got in the car and we both started crying. It really sucks because she was his mother. I wonder what my grandfather feels like. I don't really know what to do with myself. I'm at school right now because for both of my classes today I have a test or a quiz, figures. I think it sucks really bad because she lived in Florida so I didn't see her often and now I wished I went down there more, but I can't regret I have to remeber the good times. Like this morning when I was blow drying my hair b4 I came here I remebered that she liked doing my hair even though I didn't like how it looked after. She never had a daughter so she was happy she had a grand daughter. When she was in the hospital she had a pocahauntas doll I had given her when I was younger which I got from McDonald's. I didn't remember it really but my Dad told me. I talked to her about 2 weeks ago and it was the last time I talked to her, but I remember it perfectly. She said don't worry honey, I'm not ready yet. I started crying after I got off the phone with her because I knew that was probably the last time I would talk to her. This feels good to get this out really. This is the first family member to die of mine, so it's weird. I hope everyone else is okay. I need to go study for Marital.
Hi everyone- I haven't really posted in a while so I figured I would since I have nothing else to do. So yesterday I got some stuff in the mail from UMASS-Amherst about the graduate psych program since I requested it. I've decided that am going to be a DR. but maybe not a Medical DR.-I'm still unsure...It's so hard to decide these things now. My mom says to me when she saw what I got in the mail, "Isn't it a little early for that??" I said "NO, What do you think! GOsh!"

Tonight after I telecounsel, I am supposed to go out with some of the girls from work since yesterday was my friend Kim's 21st b-day and last week was a girl named Jackie's 20th b-day so we're doing a joint celebration. CRAP! I need to get Kim a card or something and I was just at CVS this morning getting Mrs. Field's White chocolate and macadamia nut cookies (on sale)...Oh well I will try to do something...

So my plan fell through for trying to pics pics from mine and Jennie's adventure in the Big Apple, becuase the f*ing people at CVS don't have pic CD's or disks anymore for some stupid reason. So I will attepmt to scan some of the naked cowboy when I get a chance.

So I still have like 10 minutes until Marital... Next semster should be fun :p
Stats, Chem, Drugs and Behavior, Social Psych, and Communitcating in Psych... Hmm. I don't know how I really feel about that really, but I like challenging myself, because when I think I am going to do bad I usually do the complete and total opposite. Like yesterday for example I got my Physio test back, the one I thought I bombed, I got a frickin 101!! I really suprise myself and don't myself enough credit for how smart I can be. I don't really know if it is smartness or just being able to retain crazy amounts of info whenever I want... What do you think? Maybe a combo of both, not too sure, but I don't really care, cuz I will get Dean's list once again...Muhaahaahaa! Then I can get the Maroon key or whatever it is. Okay well I am going to go now and try to sit through Marital and Family.

Oh ya ...I'm going broke again-boo!
Well Jennie summed it up pretty good... I don't want to say anything now becuase I want to gett he pictures developed and on here...write more later
So it has come to my attention that I have not updated my journal in a month and a half...I dont have much to say really...

I am probably going to get surgery on my wrist in the future but not anytime soon.. I have DeQuervain's tendenitis or "Newborn mother's tendenitis..." I guess it's called that because it worsens when a mom has a newborn baby, but I don't and I'm only 20 so he sais i will need sergury sometime or something. he gave me an ace bandage and sent me on my way. that was it...hmm

Candle Party April 24th 7pm!!! All crazy commuters are invited and bring someone like Mom or friend!!

So lately I have been very tired and unmotivated about eveything. I need a break soon, like right now! This long weekend won't be enough. Okay so I have Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday off from school, but not work. Ughh! I do have Monday completely off though which will be nice.

I am having second thoughts about what I want to do with my life. What screams "Sarah"? I don't know. Could I be a psychiatrist? Does that fit me? I want everything in a career- money, respectable, being able to wake up on a a Monday and actually not mind going to work, and I want to be good at it. Is that too much to ask??


I need a vacation! March hurry up!!


I'm Hungry!!!!

I need Olive Garden!!

We won the Panera Competion and are going to the final round for a chance to win a total of 750 each!! Even if we dont win I will get 300...so thats not too shabby...we only won by 5 points and we thought were out of the race when we made a few mistakes...BUT since I am a big smart dork I got the highest score in the company on the written test!! So I basically won the contest for me and my partner! Cuz I'm cool...

What are everyone's class schedules like??? I posted mine in a comment to Andrea.. ttyl
So I've been reflecting on what happened in the year 2004 even though I can hardly remember since it went by soooo fast....
*I bought a car
*finished my freshman year and started my sophmore year
*got a few new nicknames, sarah panera-> nana miriam-> SYRUP...
*got closer with my girls (More eating and shopping involved)
*got promoted at work
*did community service and gained credit for it
~learned a lot about people
*I've grown more mature all together in the way I view life and people
*Saw Incubus twice and MET them!!!!!
*went to a normal college for a night :) and met a new friend
*went through a lot with Barrett but in all our relatioship has gotten a lot better
****Through it all I still managed to maintain the Sarahness in my life even though this year has been everchanging...that is an accomplishment in itself..

So tonight Barrett has to work so I'm gonna visit him and ring into the new year with my Peekia b/c there is no other way to do it...HAVE A GOOD NEW YEARS!!

My new years resolution is the same it has been for the last two years I think...lose more weight..lol that is a joke