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Okay so picture this-

I'm working at BPC when my phone rings (B/c I forgot to put it on silent) and I kow it is Panera by the assign ringer. It is my manager Mike and all I could think was that they were gonna ask me to work tonight or something, but NO!!!
Instead he asks me if I will represent us at a conference and he just needs to know that I would be willing so he could give them a name and then they will give him the details to give to me like where, when and what. So I say sure-
So he calls me back about 15 minutes later and tells me that I will be representing the whole franchise (Howley Bread group) in St. Louis Missouri for two whole days!!! By myself!!! It is June 22-23 which cuts into my BPC job but I'll figure it out. I'll be meeting other people from other franchises of Panera from all over the US! It's crazy.
I am kind of intimidated about it because I will be all alone basically doing a conference with people I don't know. Hmm. Scarey, but I'm ready for anything.
At first I thought that I was going to have to talk about something like a presentation but it is more like a round table thing where they will ask questions and expect feedback on how something might work and how things can get improved.
WOW!!!!! Maybe I'll become famous or get offered a crazy Panera CEO job...lol
Isn't that crazy???
work it my sista! way to go...and you would totally kick male-booty as a CEO! yay