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So right now I am eating at my desk in the Admissions office because I'm too lazy to go sit anywhere else. I have a lot of work here now that I have gotten into the swing of things, it kinda stinks but I like it at the same time because I feel improtant.
OC last night was so sad and crazy!! Gosh! Kirsten is so cool why did she have to leave. Again I can't wait til next season. Thanks Andrea for getting me hooked.
Eww I have to work at Panera three days in a row which lately it has only been Sat and Sun. Oh well, it's money which I need badly right now since I go nuts on my credit cards, opps.
Ok I'm full now. I had some of the Pasta salad I made this morning, very filling, but yummy. I wonder what I should do tonight...hmmm...Dont know. Ok well I'm gonna get back to work cuz I have a lot to do.
OC WAS AMAZING!!! it was sooo sad :( i love seth
seth is my father.