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 So I pierced my nose yesterday and like it. I feel like it's been there forever and nobody notices right away, which I think backs that theory up. It just looks right. 

So this past week/weekend has been gorgeous in Boston and I loved it. I officially finished my first year of grad school which means I am half a master :) I was happy. I can't wait to go home for the summer, but at the same time Boston is so amazing when it is nice out. The trees are blooming, the sun is shining, and people are happy. I walked alllll the way to cambridge Friday, which is like 4-5 miles, but so worth it. Walked by Harvard and around that area and just wandered/shopped. I wish I had people to share this with...oh well. 

So this upcoming weekend is the chili cookoff and I hope other people will be able to come hang out. I miss everyone! So far it's me and Mike. Lots of cooks there this year and its much bigger. My dad has done a great job. Hes been on tv, in magazines, newspapers, etc... So needless to say you better come!! Saturday May 3rd.

That's how long it's been since I've posted. So I was readin Jennie's the other day and decided that maybe I would start again. We'll see how long that lasts. 

Quick update: I live in Boston, go to grad school, live/work at a catholic college right down the street from Fenway, have an amazing boyfriend who I love to pieces and who loves me even more, and ummm I'm half way down with my masters! 

When I'm not in boston, I live with Mike in a cute apartment in Manchester, CT with his 2 kitties :) My life is pretty decent right now. 

I need to update some stuff on here like crazy. So i'll do that at some point.

My results of putting in "Sarah needs," into google were:

Sarah Needs:
1.) to set up her experiment by finding subjects and gethering the materials she wrote down before
2.) a cold shower and self esteem
3.) a new home right away
4.) your help
5.) someone to escort her from port to port
So I joined myspace so everyone has to be my friend there too. I'm tired, and I need a pic to put on it and my dad wont send it to me ...hmmm
Ok so right now I am at BPC helping at DREAM and I have been here since Saturday so I'm tired, but I met a lot of cool chicks including a lot of the new Commuters! In my hall were all tranfers and only one is gonna be a resident student. On Saturday I came to host some girls from far away like Colorado, Maine, Brooklyn and Chicago. They were all awesome and I love em. So right now I am in the Criminal Justice academic session helping out but the professors are talking individually with the girls so I'm here at LJ! I've only gotten 4 or 5 hours each night because we stayed up and talked. I felt Deja Vu but with different people. I kinda wanted all my CCC girls plus Marge and Rozzie so we could relive our experience. Ohh memories...
So I've been nonstop lately and only have tomorrow off then work 7 days straight again. Ewww!! Ok well maybe I will go and play a game or something.
So I haven't updated since I found out I was going to St. Louis. It was cool. Met some people, and talked a lot. A big boss guy that I flew home with bought me a drink before we went on the plane...funny because it was beer and I hate beer. He didn't ask, just assumed. There is more to the story to explain it, but I'm too tired.
I've been working a lot and I'm sick of it all. Right now DREAM is coming up so I will be at BPC all weekend until Monday and I have worked since Wednesday there. I'm kinda excited though because I had fun at my DREAM. Plus I get to take pics! I have the power. I get my own room too so thats cool. Well I have to finish getting ready for work...bla
Okay so picture this-

I'm working at BPC when my phone rings (B/c I forgot to put it on silent) and I kow it is Panera by the assign ringer. It is my manager Mike and all I could think was that they were gonna ask me to work tonight or something, but NO!!!
Instead he asks me if I will represent us at a conference and he just needs to know that I would be willing so he could give them a name and then they will give him the details to give to me like where, when and what. So I say sure-
So he calls me back about 15 minutes later and tells me that I will be representing the whole franchise (Howley Bread group) in St. Louis Missouri for two whole days!!! By myself!!! It is June 22-23 which cuts into my BPC job but I'll figure it out. I'll be meeting other people from other franchises of Panera from all over the US! It's crazy.
I am kind of intimidated about it because I will be all alone basically doing a conference with people I don't know. Hmm. Scarey, but I'm ready for anything.
At first I thought that I was going to have to talk about something like a presentation but it is more like a round table thing where they will ask questions and expect feedback on how something might work and how things can get improved.
WOW!!!!! Maybe I'll become famous or get offered a crazy Panera CEO job...lol
Isn't that crazy???
So right now I am eating at my desk in the Admissions office because I'm too lazy to go sit anywhere else. I have a lot of work here now that I have gotten into the swing of things, it kinda stinks but I like it at the same time because I feel improtant.
OC last night was so sad and crazy!! Gosh! Kirsten is so cool why did she have to leave. Again I can't wait til next season. Thanks Andrea for getting me hooked.
Eww I have to work at Panera three days in a row which lately it has only been Sat and Sun. Oh well, it's money which I need badly right now since I go nuts on my credit cards, opps.
Ok I'm full now. I had some of the Pasta salad I made this morning, very filling, but yummy. I wonder what I should do tonight...hmmm...Dont know. Ok well I'm gonna get back to work cuz I have a lot to do.
Ok so I am so f*ckin tired from work today. our lunch was VERY busy, then I had to come home and clean up before the rents get back late tonight.
I just checked online to see when my credit card payment was due and they increased my credit limit by 500! So I definently want and NEEd to go shopping at Delia's on Tuesday. ARE WE Still going?? (Jennie, Andrea and no Marisa:()
I am done for the Variety show, but I might not be able to sleep over, but if I do I will have to leave at like 6:15 am!! Cuz I usually work at 7am on Saturdays. But I will still go to the Variety show, just remind me. I have too much going on I cant remeber to stop and breathe for a minute and to think I am done with school for the summer. HA! I always take on too much, but I need money so I'm crazy. I have Monday and Tuesday off though so I'm psyched! Heck Yes. Kim is coming over to help clean.

I think everyone should do this or else! Just kidding, but it would be nice! Being funny is encouraged, wait then that might mean being truthful..lol oh well.

1. I ____ Sarah.
2. Sarah is ____.
3. I want to ____ Sarah.
4. Someday Sarah will ____.
5. Sarah reminds me of ____.
6. Without Sarah,____.
7. Worst thing about Sarah is ____.
8. Best thing about Sarah is ____.
9. I think Sarah should ____.
10. If Sarah was here right now I would ____.